Hint sending form

The principles of informing about an offence or misdemeanour or circumstances that can cause damage to the university's property or reputation are laid down in the university's Work Procedure Rules (Annex 4).

This form allows you to send anonymous hints about violations. TalTech confirms that it does not store any information relating to the person who sent the hint that would allow the person to be identified.

If you want to receive feedback regarding the hint, please enter your contact details in the appropriate box at the end of the form.

Please describe the circumstances of the case as accurately as possible, including your role, the parties involved in the case (names and posts), the damage caused. The monetary value of the damage, where this can be measured. Please indicate the time and place of the event. If the exact date is not known, please indicate the approximate period of time.
If the case is not directly related to you, please indicate the source of the information. If you have supporting documents, please attach them to the form.
The identity of the individual giving a hint can be kept anonymous. We recommend that you add your contact details (name, phone number, and/or e-mail address) if you want feedback regarding verification of the hint and are ready to share additional information if necessary. Your identity will be kept confidential at all stages of the process and will not be disclosed without your consent.
Add attachment (max 8MB), if necessary